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Working with Me

Do you have grants you want to pursue? 

An event coming up? 

More services you want to provide? 

I love working with organizations to identify and leverage existing resources to raise money, expand programming, and increase their visibility. The following three steps are the key components of the process: 

Listen: Hearing what leaders, staff, clients, and  volunteers have to say is one of the best ways to identify strengths and areas of support.


Collaborate: Teamwork makes the dream work. We are stronger together and your organization is only as successful as the people who make it work every day.  Collaborating helps ensure the sustainability of our work together.   


Execute: Now we get it done.  


"Your help has allowed us to navigate the (research) software with ease in order to find the right grants for our organization to thrive and to continue doing work in our community. You are a blessing for small and large organizations. We look forward to continuing to lean on your support and guidance as we strive for community sustainability."

- Reverand Issac Scott,

Executive Director, The Confined Arts 


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